DIY Rice Water Recipes
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Skincare trends continue to evolve, and rice water, historically renowned for promoting lush hair, has taken center stage in the pursuit of radiant skin. Originating over a millennium ago in Japan, its newfound popularity extends beyond hair care.

Rice Water’s Rise in Skincare: Embracing simplicity, DIY rice water toner has captured the TikTok beauty community’s attention, accumulating over 800 million views. Influencers claim it soothes, tones, and enhances skin texture, making it a global skincare phenomenon.

DIY Rice Water Toner: Creating this beauty elixir is uncomplicated—soak white rice in cold water for 30 minutes, strain, and apply. The cloudiness of rice water acts as a perfect toner, addressing redness, soothing irritation, and neutralizing free radicals, as per TikTok enthusiasts.

Historical Perspective: Historically, Chinese and Japanese women used rice water for skin and hair, believing it bestowed a radiant complexion and glossy hair. Today, this age-old practice has resurfaced with a modern twist on social media.

Expert Opinion on Rice Water: Medical Trainer Karen Bester from Lamelle Research Laboratories sheds light on the trend. Fermentation alters rice water’s pH, potentially enhancing its compatibility with the skin. Carbohydrates aid in moisture retention, and Ferulic acid in rice offers exfoliating and antioxidant benefits.

Professional Treatment: Lamelle’s Rice Bran AO Peel System: Bester introduces the Rice Bran AO Peel System, a professional treatment leveraging Japanese rice bran extract’s anti-ageing properties. This potent peel, devoid of sun sensitivity risks, boasts benefits like improved skin texture, brightness, and reduced pigmentation irregularities.

While rice water may not be a panacea for all skincare concerns, it offers distinct advantages. From TikTok DIY enthusiasts to professional treatments, rice water has cemented its place in the ever-evolving world of skincare.

Re-reported from the article originally published in The IOL News

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