Woman’s Heartwarming Act: Buys Train Ticket for Goat

Image Credit: @AwanishSharan/Twitter

A woman’s kind gesture is making waves on social media. She bought a train ticket for her goat, and a video capturing this heartwarming moment has gone viral. In the video, she confidently tells the travel ticket examiner (TTE) that she purchased a ticket for her goat, and her cheerful response has touched many hearts online.

The video, believed to be filmed on a train passing through West Bengal, India, gained popularity on social media. Awanish Sharan, a bureaucrat who shared the video on Twitter, praised the woman’s thoughtful act, saying, “She bought a train ticket for her goat as well and proudly tells this to the TTE. Look at her smile. Awesome.”

In the video, the TTE initially asked the woman about her ticket, which she had, but then he noticed the goat. He humorously asked if she had bought a ticket for the goat, using the Bengali word “Chagol” for goat. To everyone’s delight, the woman confidently responded with a “Yes,” and this brought smiles to both her and the TTE.

The heartwarming video received numerous reactions on social media, with many applauding the woman’s honesty and compassion. One user praised her honesty, stating, “How honest she is. Really, the nation demands such people.” Another simply noted, “Her smile says everything.”

This simple act of kindness reminds us that even small gestures can brighten the world and inspire others to spread kindness and compassion.

Viral Video Link: Awanish Sharan 🇮🇳 on X: “She bought train ticket for her goat as well and proudly tells this to the TTE. Look at her smile. Awesome.❤️ https://t.co/gqFqOAdheq” / X (twitter.com)

Re-reported from the article originally published in NDTV

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