Women drivers
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The introduction of e-cabs has opened up new opportunities for women in the male-dominated profession of cab driving. Though their numbers may be small compared to male drivers, women cabbies stand out for their excellent driving skills, positive attitude, and effective communication. On any given weekday, around 60-70 women drive app-based cabs like Uber, Ola, InDrive, or EV Snapcab. Companies are happy to have women chauffeurs in their EV fleet, as they bring added value to the service with their punctuality, cleanliness, safety, and behavior. The plan is to increase the number of Women drivers in the fleet.

Women’s presence is not limited to EVs; they are also making their mark in app cabs running on IC engines. Platforms like Uber, Ola, and InDrive now have a significant number of women cabbies. Over 180 women drivers have been trained through organizations, which focus on driving and soft skills. Women drivers are gaining popularity among passengers due to their higher ratings and professional behavior. Initially, there was some hesitation, but now people prefer women cabbies as they are more reliable and refuse rides less frequently. Many women have shown the courage to excel in this field, traditionally dominated by men.

For these women, being a cab driver means being their boss. They have the flexibility to log in and log off according to their schedule and are not answerable to anyone. This empowerment allows them to earn a livelihood on their terms and break the glass ceiling in a profession that was once seen as a male stronghold.
Re-reported from the article originally published in ETAuto

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