Reviving Ancient Food Techniques: Kerala Homemaker’s Quest

food preservation techniques
Image Credit: South First

Annie Justine, a 36-year-old former nurse turned homemaker, is dedicated to rejuvenating the time-honored food preservation techniques of her ancestors in the picturesque town of Kodenchery, nestled in the Thamarassery churam mountain pass in Kerala. Embracing her family’s rich traditions, Annie has created a strong connection to her heritage, which she showcases on her YouTube channel, Leafy Kerala.

Having returned to Kerala from working abroad as a nurse, Annie launched her channel in 2019 and has now amassed over 400,000 subscribers. Her family’s roots trace back to the Kozhikode-Wayanad border region, where they migrated from various parts of Kerala nearly 80 years ago. Guided by a frugal lifestyle and deep respect for nature, Annie’s family instilled in her a sense of utilizing every aspect of vegetables and animals.

Annie’s mission is rooted in the historical necessity of food preservation due to scarcity and limited crop production. By reviving these sustainable traditions, she hopes to not only honor her heritage but also contribute to a more mindful approach to food and resources.
Re-reported from the article originally published in South First

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